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  • Epic Showdown : Busy 4G LTE Vrs Surfline 4G LTE


    4G has been around since 2009. Ghana first tasted this goodness in 2014 through Surfline Communications, which happens to be the only telco in Ghana owned 100% by Ghanaians. In this post, Afd Tech Talk takes a look at the two most established data only 4G service providers: Surfline and Busy, compare their coverage, bundle costs, speeds and […] More

  • Come Experience The Launch Of The Biggest Open Air Cinema In Ghana


    Cinemas in Ghana date back to the late 70’s but the trend took a nose dive along the years, as the Nigerian and glamour movies flooded our TV screens. In recent times however, the act of going to the movies is fast catching up with various cinemas emerging onto the scene. Yet again, On Saturday […] More

  • Asabea Ayisi Accessory Training Workshop : Accra Edition 2017

    Asabea Ayisi

    Asabea Ayisi a fast growing fashion brand and producer of quality bags, necklaces and accessories will on February 4th and 5th 2017 organize an accessory training workshop for both emerging and established designers. The workshop will be held at Accra Polytechnic and will cover the following areas : 1. Selected Fabric Necklaces 2. Selected Beaded […] More

  • Food Drive: Bradley Barley To Feed The Streets On January 10

    bradley barley food drive

    Bradley Barley, a Ghanaian-born singer and designer based in China has been successful in managing and growing his music and fashion career over the years. His success has attracted to his name some achievement both home and abroad. He is returning home this January, and already has some projects slated to be executed. One of […] More

  • 5 Ways To Impress Any Investor

    impress investors

    Its the start of a brand new year, around this time when entrepreneurs and businesses set new targets, goals and milestones to be met over the course of the year. I’m sure you’d agree with me that sometimes a partnership with a strategic investor is what a brand needs to elevate it to the next […] More

  • Here Are The Winners Of The 2016 Africa Youth Awards

    Africa Youth Awards 2016

    Africa Youth Awards, the continent’s most coveted awards for young people have announced the winners of its 2016 awards, which engaged over 170 shortlisted nominees, and received voting participation from over 145 countries from across the world. Ghana’s presence was huge as Manasseh Azure of Joy 99.7 FM was voted Journalist of the Year, whilst Albert Kusi […] More

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