12 Malafaking Rules of Success Every Ghanaian Must Know

rules of success

Yaay┬áI managed to grab your attention right? Sorry to disappoint but this post has absolutely nothing to with that Malafaking chick, it’s about actual proven rules of success meant to motivate and push you to attain your set goals.

Success is defined in many ways to many people, to some it means a fat bank account, cars, houses etc others simply classify it as the wealth of health, family etc.

Whatever your definition of success is, in whatever situation you find yourself, I bet you’d agree with me that it just doesn’t happen overnight.

I also don’t believe success has an ABC, 123, step-by-step formula, but there are some basic rules and disciplines which have been proven by successful people all around the world meant to push you to the attainment of your goals in whatever sphere of life you find yourself.

Below are 12 Malafaking Rules for success

1. Do the Forken work. Stop being lazy

2. Stop Forken waiting. it’s time

3. Rely on yourself. The universe doesn’t give a Fork

4. Be Forken practical, success is not a theory

5. Be productive early. Don’t fork around all day

6. Don’t be a Forken baby. Life’s hard. Get on

7. Stop hanging out with Forkers

8. Don’t Forken waste energy on shit you can’t control

9. Stop bullshitting. It’s Forken embarrassing

10. Stop being a Forken people-pleaser. It’s sad

11. Stop putting toxic shit in your body. Its Forken stupid

12. Stop doing the same Forken thing and hoping shit will change

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Written by Enam Kumi

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