Menufinderafrica - An App that helps you find the food you want

Menufinderafrica – An App that helps you find the food you want

In recent past and present times, quite a number of food/restaurant apps and services have popped up, all aiming to give foodies the best possible experience when ordering their favourite meal.

But the app we are going to touch on today has churned for itself a very specific niche in the food sector.

According to the description on its website, Menufinderafrica is an app that helps you find the food you want, simple.

This app does exactly what its name says it does, help you find food(Menus) from your favourite restaurants.

The Need

I can understand and appreciate the need for such a specific service, as most restaurants do not have a ready-made website where users can check for their menus, and the few that exists are only a showcase of portfolio without an actual look into the specifics of its foodstuffs and menu items.

In Ghana, it is common to walk into a restaurant not knowing exactly what to expect (in terms of prices and food) so as to plan ahead, and to be honest it can get slightly awkward at times when you are at a restaurant only to be presented with food on the menu you cannot afford.

So without much ado let’s delve deep into the app doing all the magic of putting restaurants together in one place and showing their exact menu, so users can find, budget and plan the food items they want appropriately.

I whipped out my Android smartphone and headed straight to Google playstore (also available on Apple store) to see what this app is really all about.

User Interface

The first time you download the app (7.7MB) you are greeted with a 6-step quick walkthrough summarizing exactly what to expect from the app.

The introductory step is a brilliant process into onboarding new users onto the app giving them an overview of what to expect.

The app requires user signup/login but offers various options (Facebook, Google, Name/Password) and even offers an option to login as a guest.

Getting into the app itself I found the user interface and theming well done, The dominant colours red, white and black gives the app a consistent look and feel (Branding)

Features and Functionality

With the Menufinderafrica app, you can search and find restaurants by name, find menus and prices each of these restaurants offer

Using your current location (or a set location) you can find the nearest restaurants around you for a quick bite or a full course meal.

The app currently (as at the time of this article) features 76 restaurants and 56 different cuisines ranging from Asian to Jamaican.

The menu on the app include:

1. Home – Homepage on the app
2. Notification – Get notifications from all your favourite restaurants
3. QR Code – Special discount from Menufinder partner restaurants (Feature not available yet)
4. Discount – Subscribe to join food club and get special discounts on all sorts of food
5. Account – User account settings (Password, profile picture, edit info, contact etc)

Restaurants are generally sorted by featured, cuisines and popular sections on the homepage

Every restaurant/food joint on the app has contact details, user reviews and addresses linked to google maps for seamless food order and delivery.

I found the experience smooth, tabs were generally very responsive and fast. The app is also lightweight and flexible and the browsing experience on the food service is a breeze.

Reviews and Ratings

I will generally give the app 4.5/5 for its simplicity, ease of use and does exactly what it says it does i.e listing restaurants/food joint menus in one central directory, however, there are some areas which can be always be improved and enhanced.

Improvements & Future Developments

One such area which can greatly be improved on the app is showcasing the specific food pictures matching each menu item such that when users tap on an item, they can see more visual gallery on that type of meal they might be opting in for.

Another feature which can be added to enhance functionality and scale the service beyond just the menus and make it a full-blown food service where users can directly order food and have it delivered to their location.

While I understand this means stepping out of the boundaries of the ‘Menufinder’ (as it name and service implies) and will be added business model that will require additional infrastructures such as delivery service, payment system, customer care etc, It won’t be a bad addition to keep more users engaged and keep them coming back over and over again.

That notwithstanding the app currently gives contact info (location, phone, working hours) of every restaurant/food joint to help users get in touch directly with these businesses.


So there you have it, our review of the Menufinderafrica app – that makes it quick and easy for you to make an informed decision on where and what to eat.

Go ahead, download the app (Android and IOS) give it a try, do let us know in the comment section your general experience and how useful this was.

If you also have other apps and services you’d like us to review, feel free to drop it in the comments and we will take a look at it in the coming weeks.