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  • Semalt Advice startup business

    Semalt Advice: What Do You Need to Know Before You Start Your Business

    It already comes without saying, the Internet has become a powerful engine driving our world of commerce through the recent decades. The idea of building a traditional brick-and-mortar functioning appears now left far behind, particularly by the most aspiring entrepreneurs of today. Striving for affordable and smooth game plans, these days they got known as […] More

  • Lucy Quist Bold New Normal

    Lucy Quist Challenges Entrepreneurs to take their Businesses to New Heights

    The Managing Director of Airtel Ghana and international business leader, Lucy Quist, has challenged young entrepreneurs to build and operate businesses that will create prosperity beyond themselves. She shared her thoughts and insights on the impact young entrepreneurs can make on the continent through scalable businesses during talk session at Workshed as part of The […] More

  • high schools society

    Startup Profile : High Schools Society – Connecting Students to Networking and Career Opportunities

    In the spirit of the ongoing 2017 National Science and Maths Quiz (#NSMQ2017), it is only appropriate that I tell you about High Schools Society, an organisation that seeks to connect and network students all over Ghana. High Schools Society is an educational and student-based organisation geared towards linking students across the country; a platform […] More

  • yashow season two

    May get Form! June is Greater – Young and Ambitious Show

    Premiering season two on the 7th May was a dream come true for all team members of Young and Ambitious Show team including Benedictus, Daniella, Joel and Yaw who are hosts as well as our welcoming partners Premier 100.5 FM, ThreesixtyGH,,, Amor Studios and Etornam looking forward to having a great ride with […] More

  • digijag accraconnect

    If your First Idea Doesn’t Work, Change It

    Fresh graduate, top class student, outstanding programmer, bubbly energy, high spirit and overall superman. Yes me These were (well most still are) my characteristics, back in the 2012. Inspired by the success stories of social networks particularly Facebook, I together with two of my friends started a social betting site The idea was to make […] More

  • social media agency ghana

    7 Benefits To Hiring a Social Media Agency

    Today one of the biggest demands of every business is having a social media presence. And a social media agency can help ensure that for a business. Social media is strengthening brands and companies for those who use it wisely. Users could be individuals, the company itself or a hired social media managing agency. Having a social media […] More

  • sleekjob academy

    Startup Profile: Sleekjob Academy — A Tech Talent Accelerator That Trains World Class Software Developers

    In this modern era where everything is going tech, it is sure worth having skills that not only pay the bills but also opens up wide array of opportunities for youngsters looking to contribute their 2cents to national development. What better way than to develop the technical, analytical and programmatic side of you. This is […] More