CompionGH - A Professional Spare Driver Service in Ghana

CompionGH – A Professional Spare Driver Service in Ghana

Day in day out, unique services are cropping out of the country and one of such is a new startup called CompionGH

CompionGH is a spare driver service in Ghana which renders professional transport and car services to clients in need of a spare driver.

Founded in 2014 by Michael Jacob Mensah, where he was providing spare driving services for locals and people within his community.

The startup which started from an idea brewed out of Michael’s passion for driving coupled with his Dad’s ingenious suggestion to go with a daily payment model, Compion aims to serve as a stopgap, fill-in spare driver service for clients who want that personalized driver experience without the hustle of paying for a full-time driver

Touching on the payment model, the startup is flexible in its services tailored to every individual client

CompionGH can be reached via their Instagram handle (@CompionGH) or on phone via 026-236-9596

We will be monitoring this startup over time and bring you more updates as they seek to champion and conquer the transport industry in Ghana