Four methods of making money from your blog

Four methods of making money from your blog

Although still a relatively new career choice, blogging can provide a great source of income, with many successful bloggers becoming recognized in their own right as online influencers. With the ongoing coronavirus crisis affecting many job opportunities, you might be considering other sources of income. Blogging allows you to be free to write about whatever you want, allowing you to follow your own interests to connect with fellow enthusiasts, with you eventually becoming a respected expert on your subject. To help you get started in this highly lucrative new industry, here are four methods of making money from your blog.

1. Advertisements

One of the simplest methods of monetizing your blog is by hosting advertisements. Many businesses are keen to reach the subscribers of your blog, and you only need a modest following to be approved for advertising. You could, for instance, go for pay for clicks advertising, which simply means that an advertiser will pay you once someone clicks on their ad. If you already have a relatively large following, you could go one step further by selling ad space on your blog, ensuring that you have a business email listed so that potential advertisers can easily contact you. 

2. Join a blogger outreach service

With many bloggers having a large number of followers, businesses are keen to tap into this as a method of spreading the word about their products. You can take advantage of this by joining a blogger outreach service such as Click Intelligence. With such a scheme, you will be paid to host an article on your blog that is both relevant to the advertiser and suitable for your blog’s theme and audience. This could also become a regular occurrence, meaning that you will receive a regular source of income for hosting articles on your blog

3. Find a sponsor  

If you are serious about transitioning blogging from a side hustle into a career, you might want to consider finding a sponsor. This will be a company whose ethos aligns with your blog and who offers products that you feel are relevant to your followers. A sponsor can be found for either a specific project you have in mind for your blog, or on a longer-term basis. In return for the sponsorship money, you will have to discuss your sponsor as part of the post, being positive without being too salesy. Many bloggers have built trusting, long-standing relationships with their sponsors, so it is a worthwhile avenue to pursue.

4. Review products

If you blog in a specific field, you might be sent products to review by relevant companies. For instance, if you are a beauty blogger, you might be sent the latest moisturizer from an up-and-coming skincare brand, or you could be sent new book releases if you are a book blogger. Although you may not initially receive financial remuneration for your reviews, you might be approached for writing sponsored content after establishing a trusted reviewer reputation.