Millennials Voice Africa; Young Africans must see beyond their eyes

Millennials Voice Africa; Young Africans must see beyond their eyes

The Executive Director of Center For Financial Literacy Education Africa (, Peter Asare Nyarko, in just ended Pan African dialogue on “The Role of the Youth in growing African Economies; Financial Recovery from COVID19” by some of the prominent young leaders from Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Cameroon, Nigeria, Uganda and other countries made a powerful presentation to inspired young people in Africa to take advantage of COVID19 and see beyond their eyes.

He started with a story where an alcoholic father lived with his two sons. They witnessed their father shameful behaviour; getting drunked, living miserably and carelessly in his neighbourhood. There was nothing to write home about of his lifestyle.

His sons had no control over their father’s behaviour. They had to lived with it every day of their childhood and teenage life. That was their crisis!

At age 30, one became a successful businessman, and the other became an alcoholic.

When asked about how they all ended up who they are, the successful businessman voiced out that his father’s situation motivated him not to end up like his father. The alcoholic also voiced out that his father’s situation impacted his behaviour.

Just like the two brothers, he said, “our responses and perception about covid19 will determine how we come out of covid19.”

Crises are not problems but what we have to handle crises is the problem.

Whether we like it or not, covid19 is here. We can’t control covid19 but I believe we can control our thoughts, perception and mindset about how we see covid19.

“How we respond to covid19 will determine how successful we will come out of covid19.”

Way forward;

  1. Covid19 is an opportunity for creativity; Young Africans must be creative and tap into their geniuses in this tough times.
  2. Covid19 must be a source of development and growth; this is the time for competence, time to acquire skill sets and become better at what we do.
  3. Young Africans must see beyond their eyes; it is true companies are shutting down, people are loosing their jobs, schools have been closed down, but there are people who will be promoted in their workplace, there are businesses that are still operating, so young people must become change initiators in their various industries and trust me they will be relevant.

How to recover;

  1. Plan and prepare; don’t panic
  2. Decide what our needs are, become familiar with our real financial situation
  3. Decide to live beyond our ability
  4. Focus on serving others (service)
  5. Go digital, take advantage of the trend
  6. Persist regardless; follow the money by positioning right.

He ended by saying; As God caused a national crisis in Egypt to promote a young boy,Joseph so is Covid19 an opportunity for young Africans to see beyond their eyes and become innovative and creative.

Peter Asare Nyarko is a Financial Literacy Advocate, Financial Educator, Author and a practising Accountant. Peter is passionate about empowering and educating his generation to live a purposeful, successful and happy life.

Watch the webinar here