This Simple Method will Earn you a Part-Time Income in 2020

This Simple Method will Earn you a Part-Time Income in 2020

Its the new year 2020, and after all the chillouts and year of return spending and Funtime in December 2019, January usually comes off as a month when funds are tight and any extra income would be of great relief to most

Today I will introduce you to a method that makes you partial income on the side in addition to your main source of income, and as the saying goes too much meat in the pot won’t make the soup go bad

Introducing AVAB Training Institute, a cake making and decorations school that trains young people how to make pastries, cookery, massage training, ice cream, and assorted categories of fresh yoghurt and drinks

Launched in December 2019 by Henriette Mills and located at AblempeKPE near the popular EP Church, the institute offers a unique advantage of giving its students the ability to learn how to make awesome cakes and pastry designs of trends within a shorter period of time

Students in the institute engage in creating new baking designs and exploring various cooking ideas that meet the industry standard in this new social age

AVAB training institute also takes in orders and serves all kinds of clienteles on events and on order

The short frame of learning these skills as well as the handy ready-made skills designed by AVAB training is strategically defined to give its students a long-term opportunity to start earning for extra income on the side as quickly as possible

You can reach AVAB on Instagram @avab_training or give them a call on 0242 223 527

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