Social Media Agency Launches Influencer Hub to Connect Brands and Influencers

Social Media Agency Launches Influencer Hub to Connect Brands and Influencers

Social media has now become the default avenue via which millions of people interact and engage with each other on a daily basis, and with people comes brands and businesses

Brand, companies and businesses in a bid to make their product reach a wider audience are constantly in search of the next big influencer to promote their offerings, it is in this light that Social media agency has launched an innovative influencer Hub in order to connect various kinds of influencers to businesses and brands.

In an event held on Wednesday, December 1st at premises of 4stye studios, head of operations Mr Tuekpe Michael stated that according to surveys and researches it is known that brands are businesses find it hard to find their right influencers and hence the mission to create the influencer hub to help link both parties in a seamless and effortless manner ranging from all categories both Micro and Macro, all sectors in the online space

With influencers hub, we pioneering new approaches to social marketing: out with wasteful CPMs and reach and in with attention and performance metrics. We deliver success for brands by connecting the dots between audiences, social media, influencers, content and paid advertising.

With the tools and expertise in influencer marketing, paid social advertisement, content creation, and much more the influencers hub is your one-stop-shop for influencers to get the right fit for their brands and vice versa, a win-win situation for all

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