Datatics is Poised to Transform Your Company’s Data for Competitive Advantage

datatics startup

It has become evident that data is very essential in the development of our modern day world, especially in the area of business where companies need to make informed decisions, but is data alone enough?

Ever heard of the buzzword ‘Big Data’? If not read on as I walk you through the concept, as well as introduce Datatics, a Ghanaian-owned start-up in the USA transforming data into actionable insights.

What is a Big Data?

Big data looks complex to most people and often, people misinterpret “Big Data” as plenty of data, and it is understandable to think that way.

Big data, however, is extremely large data sets that may be analysed computationally to reveal patterns, trends, and associations, especially relating to human behaviour and interactions.

Where does Datatics fit in all this?

To be able to make sense of business data, it has to be analysed and transformed, this is where Datatics comes to play.

datatics startup

Currently based in the USA, the startup started two (2) years ago deals with big data with an aim to change the face of businesses making decisions by offering data driven solutions.

Speaking to the company’s CEO, Koffi Dossou, he revealed how Ghana as a country, have not able to exploit the full worth of our data sources in order to increase the economic well-being of our country.

Ghana experiences a huge problem in decision making and quality of output. Productivity is impacted due to unharnessed wealth of data and that is where our company, Datatics, comes in as a disruptive force to tackle Ghana’s big data problems and help create intelligent and invaluable solutions.


Big Data is a growing market, and today, more data is available but underutilized, especially in Africa and Ghana. Datatics seeks to change Ghana’s data underutilization problems by using technology to improve the way of thinking and decision making.

In Ghana today, data is perceived as a challenge by organizations and continues to slow down decision making, presenting barriers to business solutions. Companies in Ghana have been thinking about the potential of big data but are still struggling to implement the best available big data and advanced analytics tools to stay up to date in the global market.

Take a look at the various government institutions in the country, you would realise that there is a peculiar problem that they all face. Most of them do not have any data sources to first understand what they are doing and therefore do not know which steps to take. For those who have some sort of data, they have not been able to harness its full potentials and that is where the challenge lies. The same is true for most companies in the country. We are stuck behind in growth and development when it comes to the use of big data, but Datatics aims to resolve all of these.

Datatics as a company has a mission to help shape Ghana’s economy by improving productivity and ROI, and is, therefore, advocating for the use of Big Data to unearth actionable insights. In the process of achieving this, they seek to employ the educated youth of Ghana and to contribute to the economy.

datatics startup

It is exciting to know that some Ghanaians in the diaspora have been able to set up such a powerful company with the mission of helping solve the many problems across all industries in Ghana, which would, in the long run, increase productivity and grow the economy.

I would follow the trail of Datatics and bring you more updates on them, but for anyone who is interested in learning more about the company and getting in touch with the team, click here to visit their website now.

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Written by Enam Kumi

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